How to Make Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes and, although traditionally only eaten on Shrove Tuesday, they are starting to catch on as a great snack for throughout the year.

Here at Make Pancakes we have put compiled five fabulous pancake recipes. As is the case with almost any type of food, you can find numerous recipes for pancakes, depending on whether you like them thick, fluffy, thin, irresistibly delicious, or healthy.

Therefore take a look through the different recipes below to find out how to make your perfect pancake:

  • English Pancakes – if you’re new to pancake making then this is the place to start as it’s the traditional way of making pancakes.
  • American Pancakes – this is how they make their pancakes across the pond. Their pancakes tend to be much thicker than English ones.
  • Lemon Pancakes – for a delicious twist on the taste of the traditional pancake, try this lemon pancake recipe. This is our favourite.

Whilst above you can find the usual recipes some people like to follow the recipes of celebrity chefs, and when it comes to celebrity chefs they don’t come much bigger or better than these two:

  • Jamie Oliver’s Pancake Recipe – perfect for those people who want their pancakes to have a healthy twist. Jamie Oliver is known these days for bringing healthy food to school dinners, and here he brings that healthy twist to the traditional pancake.
  • Delia’s Pancake Recipe – a classic lemon and sugar recipe which is a huge hit with people who try it. Delia’s recipes are known for being very simple and easy-to-follow, it’s how she has built up such a huge following, so if you’re going to choose one recipe then make it this one.

If you like video guides then the one below is one of the best videos about how to make pancakes: